Turkısh Data Protection Law


Pedro Almeida Stürmer

Since internet advection, the society start to change and then the concerns about shared information emerged. Years later of internet´s born became to emerge many problems related to data protection, and many changes need to be done around legislation in all over the world. Data protection start to be study and systematized to ensure that personal information remain safety.

The Data Protection Register (DPR) was created in Europe and meant the beginning of a new era in which the world start to think about the importance of protect the data and mainly personal data. Nowadays we had more information be shared than never in human history, and that is why is so important to have security legislations that can guarantee the non-leakage of information.

Following DPR, the Turkish Government begin to work in his own data protection law. On April 2016, the Turkish Data Protection Law (TDPL) was introduce, becoming the first legislation about data protection in Turkey. When TDPL was introduce, they realized the needed to have a regulation body that would responsible of enforcement of TDPL, so the Turkish Data Protection Authority (TDPA) was raise. According as the years went by the need for new legislation was perceive and in 2019, the Regulation on Health Data came into force.

In 21st century, the creation of legislation about data protection will need to intensify to follow the advances of society. Every day more than 2,2 million terabytes of new data are created, that’s means needed of protection system that guarantee the security of personal data, and every data that could be illegally collected.      

The necessity of new legislation will always exist, mainly when we talk about data protection in a globalized world that produce more and more information every day. Nowadays all our lives can be find in internet, ours bank accounts, and ours personal documents, and ours family photos. That is why the data protection is so important. Without data protection, every internet user became vulnerable, and this can be catastrophic.     


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